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This sticky post will be kept updated with all of the important links for this community.

+ RULES/FAQ can be found here.

+ APPLICATION POST can be found here.


+ teamcanterlot

+ teammanehattan

+ teambaltimare

rules and FAQ;

+ Please be kind and considerate to others. Fluttershy has friends for a reason, and she WILL go scary on your ass if you decide it's cool to be rude and mean to others.This is a social community, where we're meant to have fun and share our love of ponies.

+ That being said, bashing of any kind will not be tolerated. You have one warning, and one warning only.

+ Participation is required at least once every two weeks to stay in the community. If you need to leave, there is a hiatus post so that I am aware. This is to keep teams with an even chance of winning at the end of each round.

+ While there isn't a known date for the start of Season 3, once it does start all spoilers for the new episodes must be warned about for at least a week after the air date.

+ Please follow the rules in each challenge post, they're there for a reason.



What is Ponyverse, and how do I join?

ponyverse is an interactive challenge community, where users are split into teams and compete to win points for their team through various challenges, which may consist of things such as writing, puzzles and graphics! To join, please comment with your application over at our application post.

If I have a question about a specific challenge, what should I do?

There will be an appropriate question thread in each challenge post, but I'm also happy to answer any questions via. LJ PM.

What if a challenge has something I'm not very good at?

That doesn't matter! Points are points, and in a few cases others may not even see your submission, as not all challenges will have voting following them! My graphics are terrible, but that's not holding me back!

What is expected of me?

All we ask is that you are considerate to others, and put your all into the community and it's challenges! Participation is required once every two weeks, as noted in the rules.


Any other questions or concerns? Either direct them to the contact-a-mod post, or feel free to ask me anything by LJ PM!

application post;
If you are interested in joining ponyverse, please apply here!

There are three teams available to join: Canterlot, Manehattan and Baltimare. A team name is just a name, especially as we're just starting out! Simply fill out the form below, and leave it as a comment. Comments are screened, and I will get back to you and sort you into a team as soon as possible!

Preferred team (Please list in order of preference):
Preferred way of contact (If not LJ message, please list, eg. your email address):
Anything else:

Thank you for applying, and I hope you enjoy your stay at ponyverse!

ETA: Forgot to mention that I'm looking for a few lovelies to co-mod each of the team communities! If you're interested, please note that in your 'Anything Else' section. If you've had any experience in mod-ing before please note that, but if you haven't, a good, willing attitude is just as good!

If you have any problems, issues or questions, please leave them in the comments here and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Alternatively, I'm happy to receive any PM's or emails at peculiarcolour@hotmail.co.uk if there is anything you'd like to discuss at more length.

This is also the post where you can let me know if you would like to go on a hiatus or leave the community. 


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